If your project is resawing, the new X-TRA EDGE resawing specialty blade is the answer.  Designed specifically for super smooth, accurate resawing of fine woods, we invite you to try X-TRA EDGE. Made In the heartland of the U.S.A, from super strong high carbon spring steel, this variable pitch blade will hold the line like no other. At ½ inch wide by .022 inches thick, the X-TRA EDGE resaw blade is the perfect dimension to give maximum control.

Unlike scrolling blades that have aggressive set, the X-TRA EDGE blade features a longer lower set line that produces an incredibly smooth finish and unmatched tracking.  Veneers will require minimal sanding.  The variable pitch tooth form was designed to reduce the harmonic vibration produced when cutting metal with a band saw.  X-TRA EDGE gets this same result when cutting fine hard woods. 

Tooth hardness and toughness is achieved by an advanced system of induction hardening, just hardening the tip and face of the tooth leaving the spring temper blade body at its normal very high tensile strength.

SawBladeExpress.com  is your source for many of your woodworking and project needs including the new X-TRA EDGE resaw blade.  We at SawBladeExpress.com make the X-TRA EDGE blade, we weld it to your required length, we wrap it in protective paper and we ship it to you all from right here in the U.S.A. Custom length blades are available here.