You may think that something as delicate as bread doesn’t need any sort of special blade to cut it, but there are many benefits to investing in a bakery knife that you probably don’t know about. For one thing, bakery knives are specially serrated to slice through any baked good with ease and without crushing them.

If you have baked a perfect loaf of bread, soft inside and crusty from outside. Now all you need is to slice and serve. Characteristics you should look for when choosing a bakery knife are:

  • Quality
  • Serrated Blades
  • Offset handles


There is a wide choice of serrated knives out there in market. To attain the best results, do not settle for less. Quality of product is of the utmost importance for quality results. Quality bakery knives should be made of high quality chrome/molybdenum steel. The handle of the knives should be non-slip to ensure users to tackle any type of use, whether to cut freshly baked loaf or tomatoes. Also, non-porous handles make these knives sterilisable for hygiene purpose.

Serrated Blades


Serrations are very critical in a good bakery knife. The serrations help glide the blade through the bread easily with a back and forth motion, without crushing the loaf or product. Although skill and practice are also a factor in the effectiveness of your cut, having a quality knife can make all the difference and help you build your skills until your bread slices are just the way that you want them.

Unique Design


Bread knives are designed specifically for their unique purpose; they are typically between 6 inches and 10 inches and possess an offset handle to ensure that your knuckles do not touch the cutting surface when you slice all the way through the bread, aiding in the quality of your final product.


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