SOG knives have become one of the most popular products on the market for hunters and those who utilize knife products for personal protection. At Saw Blade Express, we’re committed to offering clients access to the leading product brands. Whether clients are searching for folding of fixed blade knives, they can turn to Saw Blade Express for a leading-class product selection. And this commitment is highlighted by our team’s comprehensive array of SOG knives and tools. To help shoppers gain a better understanding on the SOG brand, this latest post examines the leading benefits of SOG knives.

SOG Assisted Opening Technology

SOG Assisted Opening Technology is a feature available on many SOG folding knives and is available on most of the folding knives we have selected from the SOG lineup. (Not on the Bladelight Mini) It provides users with the ability to quickly and easily open the knife with one hand when required. The technology works through a balance of opposing high tension coil springs. When the user initiates the opening action, the force propels the blade open instantly. It’s the speed of opening that ensures safety for hunters in challenging terrains.

The Arc-Lock System

The Arc-Lock System is designed to help keep SOG knives safe from use by family members and those with access to the product. It’s a lock that has been tested at over 1000 lbs. of force, and offers exceptionally fast opening and closing for superior safety in a broad range of environments. Another benefit of the system is that it uses a spring action to ensure the blade is closed while the knife is being unlocked. The Arc-Lock System can also be easily cleaned to ensure its performance over many years.

DigiGrip™ Variable Pattern Handle

The DigiGrip™ Variable Pattern Handle is one of the leading reasons behind the popularity of SOG knives. The handle allows the user to achieve a stronger product grip for greater flexibility and range of movement. Users will find that the knife feels more comfortable in their hands thanks to the use of the DigiGrip™ Variable Pattern Handle. It’s a feature that also works to help prevent the product from slipping and causing injury during use.

The line of SOG products available here at Saw Blade Express sets the marketplace standards both in terms of selection diversity and quality. To learn more, speak with the team here at Saw Blade Express directly via facebook at, tweet us at, or email us at