The scalloped edge band saw blade is one of the most underutilized blades that we make here at  The blade I am referring to is typically 1/2 or 5/8 inch wide and .022 or .025 inch thick.  The scallops are normally two scallops  or four scallops per inch.   Most users limit the blade to cutting boneless cuts of beef and pork such as tenderloin. If you need the versatility, you can also cut chicken into the basic parts, and you can use the blade to portion many fish cuts.  Be careful, this blade is very sharp.  Speaking of sharp, here are some hints for the scalloped blade user.  When you think the blade is getting dull, take it off of the saw and turn it inside out, then put it back on the saw. It won’t cut like a brand new blade, but you are now working with the back side of the scallops that were dull.