Deer meat can be exceptionally tender and is considered perfect for a broad range of recipes. But in order to cut chops from the deer ready for an upcoming meal, it’s important to follow a refined preparation process. In this latest article, the experts at Saw Blade Express highlight how to use hand saw blades in cutting meat from a deer. This article will help home users create the ideal chops for their dishes.

First Prepare the Working Surface

Before beginning the cutting process it’s important to prepare the work surface. Assemble tools such as a meat cleaver, boning knife and a band saw to help with the cutting process. Make sure there is enough counter space on which to cut the meat and prepare the meal.

Split the Backbone in Half

To separate the front quarters from the round, you can use a hand saw to cut the meat. To begin this process, find the point at which the rib cage meets the backbone and then cut through the spine using the hand saw. After making the incision, some may have to place one hand on the hind quarters and one hand on the legs or neck to bend them toward one another and then break the back in half.

Remove the Tenderloin

The tenderloins, the dark, lean and red meat found inside the cavity and running along the backbone, are considered ideal for making chops. To remove the tenderloin from the animal, run a  boning knife  along the inside of the backbone and work the meat loose from the ribs. Keep the knife as close as possible to the bone to extract the most meat.

Separate the Hock Joints from the Hams

The hams of the deer are generally considered ideal for making chops, but home chefs need quality meat cutting band saw blades to remove them. To begin this process while leaving the bone in, cut the hindquarters from the deer by sawing through the pelvic bone on either side of the spine, then separate ham and hock by cutting through the joint. Those who want to remove the bone can take the hind legs off the hip by working a stiff  boning knife  into the ball and socket joint and then lifting the leg away as they cut. They can then cut straight down the ham while cutting meat from the bone by keeping the knife parallel to the leg bone. This cut of meat can be immediately used in the making of chops!

It’s a process that requires concentration and a little hard work, but will lead to exceptional cuts of meat for an upcoming meal! To learn more, contact the team at Saw Blade Express at or visit their business website at