Buying New Oliver Bread Slicer Blades - Ask these questions

Oliver bread slicing machines continue to be shining examples of quality slicing equipment in the industry. The brand, which is has been offering leading-class products since its creation in 1890, is now one of the trusted specialists for equipment that offers optimal durability. It’s important that commercial bread slicer users, such as bakery owners, find equipment designed to suit their systems and their business environment and so within this article, we’ll outline several of the questions to consider when buying a new blade for an Oliver bread slicer.

Which is the Right Size of Blade?

The Oliver Bread Slicer replacement blades should be one size fits all. The following models all take the 10-1/4” blades we sell, 709, 711, 732, 758, 777, and 797. For those using an Oliver bread slicing machine featuring 10-1/4″ length blades, the SKB Oliver Blade offered by our team here at Saw Blade Express is the optimal choice. For those seeking differently-sized blades, it’s important to speak directly with the supplier before making a purchase decision.

How Often Will The Blades Require Replacement?

When a piece of slicing equipment loses its performance, it can often prevent a bakery from meeting their customer demands over the course of the work day. This means that companies must be aware of the lifetime performance of the Oliver bread slicer blade they purchase, in order to ensure that they can plan ahead for blade replacement needs. By planning ahead, the bakery can ensure they have the new blade available and ready when the older product loses slicing performance.

How Quickly Can the Product Be Delivered?

The delivery timeframe is another critical consideration when selecting Oliver bread slicer blade products. By working with trusted suppliers, bakery owners can ensure their blades are delivered within a consolidated timeframe, but it’s important to speak directly with the company to establish a precise delivery schedule. This can help minimize working delays and ensure the bakery is always performing to peak capacity.

By communicating directly with the leading product experts, bakery owners and owners of other food industry organizations can help reduce their product costs and retain exceptional performance from their Oliver bread slicers. To learn more, speak with the team here at Saw Blade Express directly via Facebook at or tweet us at