For busy restaurant and butcher shop owners, finding the highest quality meat cutting supplies on the marketplace is imperative to ensure their business reaches its potential. Our team here at Saw Blade Express has considerable experience in this area of the marketplace, and within this post, we’ll outline three of the products we believe offer business owners the best value for their investment in meat cutting supplies.

  1. 5″ Primeline Boning Knife

The 5” Primeline Boning Knife from Giesser has been uniquely designed using one of the thinnest and most flexible blades on the marketplace today. In addition to its ultra-thin blade, one of the product’s leading advantages is its ergonomically-designed handle, which has been crafted to assure the optimal comfort-fit grip for the user. The sanitized cushion grip on the 5″ Primeline Boning Knife also has an anti-bacterial finish to help prevent bacteria and mold forming on the product. It’s the leading choice for safe and efficient meat cutting within restaurants, home kitchens and butchering facilities.

  1. Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener

The KE 280 Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener will keep knife blades at their peak sharpness levels over the long-term. It’s a product designed to be very simple to use, with no training necessary. This means that it can be easily integrated within restaurant environments where kitchen teams are working to maintain high productivity levels during food preparation work. The KE 280 Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener is designed to outperform any other sharpening system on the marketplace, and features a powerful A/C motor, and durable transmission system. A leading advantage of the system is its speed. The product will help ensure a manufacturer’s level finish within an ultra-fast timeframe. It’s the ideal solution for sharpening work efficiency and optimal results.

  1. Handheld Meat Tenderizer

In completing marinating and seasoning work within their kitchens, restaurant chefs and other kitchen team members require a high caliber meat tenderizer. The high performance handheld meat tenderizer available through our team here at Saw Blade Express sets the highest of marketplace standards. The product is designed to be used with any cut of meat for exceptional tenderness. Another advantage of the handheld meat tenderizer is that it’s designed to easily break down for comprehensive and effective cleaning. It’s the trusted market product for quality meat tenderizing work in both home kitchens and restaurants.

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