Visit from St Louis Woodworker’s Guild

On April 12th, 2014, approximately 20 members of the St Louis Woodworker’s Guild (SLWG) paid a visit to’s production and distribution facilities in Pevely, MO. The St Louis Woodworker’s Guild is a non-profit organization with approximately 100 members in the St Louis metropolitan area. The goals of the Guild include improving the craftsmanship of its members through mentoring programs, instructional presentations, and meetings with outside experts like In addition to providing these valuable services to its members, the SLWG uses their woodworking skills to operate a toy building program for hospitalized children, performs volunteer work at an Historic Village in Faust Park, and provides restoration services on behalf of the St Louis Museum of Transportation. For more information, please visit the St Louis Woodworker’s Guild at was honored to have SLWG members tour its facilities. We were able to field saw blade related questions from members of the Guild, helping members with specific woodworking projects they are working on and issues they have encountered. One item in particular was of particular interest. That item was the X-Tra Edge resawing blade, which is a thin-kerf, variable pitch blade which has been engineered and manufactured specifically for the demands of resawing fine woods for a variety of cabinet making, cutting veneers, and related fine woodworking needs. The X-Tra Edge blades are manufactured right here in Pevely, MO, with all functions of the manufacturing process being tightly controlled by our highly trained staff. This blade is made 100% in the USA, by real-live Americans who are proud to make a quality product.

Guild members getting a first-hand look at’s inventory of band saw coil stock.


The fedback provided by SLWG members regarding’s manufacturing and distribution facilities was that they were impressed with the quality and precision of the products we make and sell. Multiple members stated that they expected to see a relatively primitive production process, along the lines of “A couple of guys working with hammers and chisels out of their garage”. Instead, what they saw was a state of the art manufacturing facility with extremely sophisticated equipment, specialized knowledge, and highly skilled personnel.

Guild members on the production floor, observing the complete manufacturing process in a step-by-step manner.

Members saw the entire manufacturing process, from the Made-In-The-USA strip steel that uses as blade stock, to the tooth grinding operation, setting of the teeth, heat treatment, laboratory testing, and processing of customer orders.

Inside our Metallurgical Laboratory, Guild members watch as our Lab Technician prepares a metallurgical “mount” for microstructural analysis and microhardness measurements.

In all, this visit proved to be valuable for, and hopefully, for members of the SLWG as well. At, a large part of our mission is to understand our customer’s needs. By paying us a visit and openly sharing information, the SLWG has helped us move along that path. As a small token of our appreciation, is offering a special discount offer to all members of the St Louis Woodworker’s Guild.