Pevely, MO-based saw blade experts, Saw Blade Express, have recently announced the company will now be offering two new sets of Arkansas sharpening stones. The two new additions to the company catalogue include the Dunston Black Pocket Stone and the Double Sided Paddle Stone, each of which is designed to assure superior sharpening performance for knives and sharp edges that are durable and highly efficient within all cutting applications.

Food preparation teams require pinpoint precision from their cutting equipment. A blunt blade could cost them many hours of lost productivity. Many growing restaurant owners and butchers are now turning to sharpening equipment such as Arkansas sharpening stones to ensure each blade retains a quality cutting edge. One leading advantage of the Arkansas stone is they don’t cut as aggressively or rapidly as man-made products, so users can achieve that ideal cutting edge while minimizing the wear of their cutlery. Now, the team at Saw Blade Express is offering two of the latest Arkansas sharpening stones at cost-effective introductory pricing.

Both the Dunston Black Pocket Stone and the Double-Sided Paddle Stone, now available through Saw Blade Express, set the highest standard for high caliber sharpening performance. The Double-Sided Paddle Stone offers two-sided sharpening for functional convenience while the Dunston Black Pocket Stone has been refined to assure a seamless user experience and an exceptionally precise cut for all kitchen knives. It’s the complete sharpening product selection for the forward-thinking restaurant business owner.

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