Pevely, MO-based knife suppliers, Saw Blade Express are now offering clients the industry leading Giesser™ Cutlery Off-set Bread/Cake Knife. This market leading kitchen knife has been designed based on years of German craftsmanship and offers the exceptional precision every cook requires to create that perfect loaf of bread or dessert.

When making delicious bread at home for a social event, the shape of the slices and the quality of the cut can provide that elegant appeal that captures the attention of dinner guests. Oftentimes, those without professional experience find that cutting baked items such as freshly baked brioche can be a challenging experience. The bread might crumble or become distorted during slicing, ruining hours of preparation. It’s the reason why many home bakers are now turning to professional kitchen knives such as the Giesser™ Cutlery Off-set Bread/Cake Knife.

This exceptional kitchen knife sets the highest standards for user comfort and seamless performance. The Giesser™ brand is known for the durability of their knives so customers can rest assured that the Giesser™ Cutlery Off-set Bread/Cake Knife will offer years of standout performance within their home kitchen. Ideal for every user, from the professional pastry chef to the home culinary enthusiast, this latest product from Giesser™ will “take the cake” in any kitchen.

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