Within a butcher’s shop, teams must have access to quality meat cutting band saw blades to ensure they complete the work with comprehensive efficiency. Using the wrong blade can limit the profitability of the operation and prevent teams from meeting customer demands, and so it’s critical for butchers to learn more on the meat cutting saw blades they require in their business. In this latest post, our team will answer three common questions on meat cutting band saw blades.

  1. What is the Benefit of Scalloped Blades?

Scalloped blades are quickly becoming one of the leading options for those seeking the finest meat-cutting blades on the marketplace. The scalloped design helps slice through boneless cuts quickly and easily, ensuring that butchers limit the amount of food waste within their operations. Another advantage of scalloped teeth is that they can help work teams improve their speed of cutting, which can help them keep pace with demand.

  • Which Material Offers the Best Value?

The material used to create the saw blade will help to determine the efficiency of cutting work and the precision of the cut. The leading products on the marketplace today are made from high carbon steel with induction heat treated teeth. This combination provides a superior level of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance, for demanding butcher’s shop cutting applications.

  • How Can I Minimize Blade Cost?

A leading challenge for butchers is minimizing the cost of buying and maintaining their blades over time. It’s important to work directly with a saw blade specialist during the shopping process to help mitigate blade performance issues in the long-term.

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