When preparing that delicious meal at home, chefs will likely need to know more on which cuts of meat offer the best flavor after grilling or roasting. Understanding the differences between the various cuts of meat can ensure the perfect home cooked meal for family and friends this summer season. And so in this latest post, our meat cutting experts will detail how to use your knives to enhance meal flavors as we look at some of the various cuts of meat.

Topside and Top Rump

Both topside and top rump are excellent cuts for roasting. The meat within these cuts is very tender and can be carved with meat cutting knives into large lean slices that are simply mouthwatering. The muscles used for these cuts contain less marbling than other cuts of meat.

Prime Rib

Fine grained and with generous marbling throughout, prime rib is one of the ideal cuts for roasting. When slicing prime rib, it’s important to slice across the grain with the knife to achieve a smooth slice.

Pork Chops

Pork chops are delicious grilled, particularly center cut pork chops. Pork chops cooked with the bone-in offer a tantalizing flavor that is unparalleled. Chefs can then use a home boning knife to remove the bone after the cooking has been completed.

By working with your kitchen knives and trying out these quality cuts, you’ll discover a new flavor all dinner guests will enjoy! To learn more on the cuts of meat and how to harness the latest meat cutting products, contact us directly at sales@SawBladeExpress.com.