Giesser Cutlery™ of Germany has been a world leader in the production of professional cutlery since 1776.  They are still run by the Giesser Family today and maintain the highest quality and meticulous craftsmanship that has carried them through the years.  Their attention to detail is probably why discerning chefs all over the world continue to choose them for all their cutlery and gastronomy needs.

Cutlery of this grade requires care and maintenance to maintain the integrity of each piece.  These knives will last for a long time, even when used daily in the rigorous atmosphere today’s professional kitchens demand, when properly maintained.

Giesser™ suggests several guidelines to keep your cutlery performing as the day you first purchased them:

  • Always clean you knife immediately after use
  • Try to always clean your knives by hand. This prevents the blade from getting in contact with harsh detergents or chlorine water for too long
  • If cleaning in a dishwasher take care that only detergents are used that are recommended by the cutlery industry
  • After contact with any food containing acids immediately clean the knife blade
  • Store your knives only in a dry place
  • If your knives have wooden handles, they should be cleaned with warm water and never let them rest in water for too long time otherwise the wood wells up.
  • Never abuse your knife as a can opener, screw driver, lever or cleaver
  • Always use a wooden or plastic board as cutting base. Never cut on a plate, on metal or stone.

Keeping your knives sharp is also the best way to optimize the use of your entire cutlery. The first rule taught in every culinary school is always having a sharp knife! Here are some tips:

  • When you are re-sharpening the blade always make sure the edge is polished with a very fine grinding belt or a felt wheel after the initial grinding.
  • The burr that exists after sharpening must always be honed carefully with a hand honing stone. Be careful not to hone too much, or your blade will dull even more than when you started.
  • Most importantly, the sharpening wheel must run smoothly! This guarantees an even edge and optimum blade profile.

Giesser Cutlery™ continues to pride themselves on their craftsmanship and quality. Following these tips will give you the long life you expect when purchasing these beautifully crafted, quality knives.

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