Few hunters succeed without using a high quality knife during their hunts. But for many hunters the vast array of hunting knifes available on the hunting equipment marketplace can make buying a new product exceptionally confusing. Fortunately, our experts here at Saw Blade Express have comprehensive experience in the hunting equipment marketplace. In this latest post, we’ll provide our tips on how to choose the right hunting knife.

Consider Point Options

Within the marketplace, there are three specific blade shapes hunters prefer. These are clip point, drop point and modified point. Clip point blades have a concave back with a fine-edged point. They are ideal for small punctures required when working within tight confines or when completing precise cutting or field dressing work. Drop point blades have a convex-shaped back and are ideal for skinning work as they can reduce the chances of accidentally puncturing the animal’s hide. Modified point blades are a hybrid of clip point and drop point products and are found predominantly on folding knives.

Specialty Blade Choices

While regular blades will be suitable for the majority of a hunter’s activities, some may require specialty blade choices for finer processes. For example, some hunters use a gut hook to help open the animal without potentially puncturing the internal organs of the animal you are cleaning. Hunters also often use knives with saw blades to cut through the bone of an animal. Each specialty option has its own distinct advantages on the hunt.

Getting to Grips with the Handle

The knife handle is a fundamental consideration when selecting hunting equipment. While wood and bone handles might be warmer to hold than metal, they often come with metal trim that retains cold on a winter day. Most hunters find that synthetic products combining nylon and polymer materials offer the best combination of grip, warmth and mobility for year-round hunting activities.

With the vast array of knives available on the marketplace today, hunters must commit to comprehensive research before they complete their purchase. To learn more from experienced knife experts, email us at sales@sawbladeexpress.com