For years, people have been trying to come up with ideas to make woodworking or any type of home repair easier and more efficient. Everyone has some technique they swear will make a job easier. But really good craftsmanship doesn’t mean it was done quickly, it means the right tools were used so the job was actually completed in less time! Oscillating blades are one of those items that can make a tough job easier and time efficient. They come in different shapes and sizes and attach easily to any oscillating tool.

Oscillating tools come in varying sizes and speeds. The motors are in the handle and can be battery charged or corded. The oscillating blade gets attached to the oscillating tool and the motor drives the tool’s head in a rapid back-and-forth, or oscillating, motion. There are many uses for an oscillating blade.

Here are some examples:

  • Undercutting a door jam

This is especially useful when laying a new floor. The oscillating cutting blade can slide easily underneath your door frames. So put away the chisel and save yourself some time!

  • Access outlets and switches

Entertainment centers and bookcase cabinets are notorious for blocking electrical outlets and light switches. Use the plunge cut blade on your tool to cut out the back of the cabinet in exactly the right shape.

  • Remove molding

There’s always a risk of breakage when you pry off old molding. Now you can just slide the oscillating metal-cutting blade behind the molding and cut through each nail, making molding removal clean and quick.

  • Grout removal

The oscillating grout removal blade goes a lot faster than manual grout removal. Most importantly, it won’t damage the tile or the underlayment. As tiles are getting more decorative, they are also more expensive so an oscillating blade can save you time and money when removing grout around these tiles.

Choosing the right oscillating blade for your particular job is essential to get the job done right. Visit or email us at The professionals at Saw Blade Express are here to assist you with all your oscillating saw blade needs.