Our Meat Cutting Supplies are all tested and manufactured to our exact specs. These tools are designed for maximum durability, safety and comfort! Saw Blade Express has a range of products that helps you accomplish most of your various daily butchering needs.

We have Products like –Band Saw Blades, Giesser Cutlery, Hand Saws & Blades, Meat Slicer Blades, Meat Grinder Knives, Meat Grinder Plates, Sharpening Steels & Accessories for professional meat cutters, butchers, hunters, outfitters, and home use.

With our band saw blades, meat cuts fast and neatly with less waste. These blades are designed specifically with high carbon steel teeth within every inch, easily cutting bone which makes our bandsaw blades an ideal choice for cutting needs.

Giesser Cutlery is made with the best materials which gives it prolonged life. These are polished for a smooth surface and a flawless finish which prevents rust and allows for easy cleaning. Giesser knives have exceptional strength and reliability as well as sharpness retention. The unique textured polymer handle provides the serious chef or the commercial kitchen a safer kitchen environment.

Our hand saws and hand saw blades are manufactured with incomparable craftsmanship and materials. Each hand saw blade has 10 teeth per inch. The blades are manufactured with hardened high carbon steel capable of cleanly, accurately, and easily cutting meat and bone. Our hand saw frame is stronger, cuts straighter, helps blades last longer, and is more comfortable to use than other frames.

Meat Slicer Blades from Saw Blade Express are made of high-quality stainless steel that can make smooth precise slices and can easily be used at home for slicing beef, venison, mutton, turkey and ham.

Saw Blade Express meat grinder knives and plates produce a cooler cutting surface which results in a fresher and more visually appealing product. It reduces waste due to poorly cut and mashed meat. We ensure customer satisfaction by supplying you with innovative and world-class meat grinder plates and knives.

For more about our products we offer to make your daily work easy and fast, contact us at sales@SawBladeExpress.com or visit our site www.sawbladeexpress.com we will be more than happy to assist you.