Woodworking projects can be made more challenging by working with blades that are unsuited to the application. But many home woodworkers don’t have a clear understanding on the latest blades on the marketplace, and their uses. Within this post, our trusted team of blade experts offer their quick guide to the projects woodworkers can complete using an X-TRA Edge bandsaw blade.


Resawing work involves cutting a piece along its width. This type of application is ideal for projects such as making panels for cabinet doors. The woodworker can use the bandsaw to produce two matching pieces that assure a stylish décor for the cabinet. They can also use an X-TRA Edge bandsaw blade to make thinner pieces of out of a thick log, thereby ensuring pieces can be used in a range of projects around the home.

Making Veneer

Bandsaw blades can also be utilized to make a veneer out of wood pieces. This involves sawing a board into several thin pieces with the bandsaw and is ideal for projects such as creating drawer front faces or forming stylish doors for the home.

Processing Small Logs

A bandsaw is also the ideal tool for processing small logs that have been recently cut. The tool can make light work of even the thickest logs, and will help woodworkers improve the working efficiency of their projects and maximize the results for outstanding appeal. Small logs can be quickly turned into table legs for home furniture, or surfaces for furniture around the home.

The trusted team here at Saw Blade Express is offering expert guidance on the latest bandsaw applications. To learn more on the available products on the marketplace today, contact our experts now at sales@SawBladeExpress.com.