When slicing meat ready for that delicious home cooked meal, you might find the process of creating the ideal cut challenging. Many believe there are no cutting techniques that can help improve the flavor of the meat. But this isn’t true, and the type of slice you use and the way in which you slice the meat in preparation for the meal can make a large difference in terms of the quality of the meal. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of slicing against the grain when harnessing meat slicer blades and kitchen knives.

What is the Grain of Meat?

The grain of meat refers to the way in which the muscle fibers are aligned within the meat product. It’s easier to identify in tougher meats such as flank, hanger and skirt steaks than it is in lean cuts such as tenderloin. However, in most cuts you’ll be able to see the small lines that usually run from right to left across the cut.

Slicing Against the Grain Helps Cut Through the Fibers

To make meat more tender and easier to chew, we can slice against the grain of the product. This involves cutting through the muscle fibers and making them shorter and the meat less chewy. To begin this process, place the knife perpendicular to the grain, and then slice the meat product as thinly as possible.

It’s a simple step that can add exceptional value to your kitchen cutting work. To learn more on how to achieve exceptional results with the latest meat slicer blades and kitchen knives, get in touch with our experts today at sales@sawbladeexpress.com