Here at, We work very hard to provide the very finest products that we can find for our selected categories.  In our cutlery category we feature the Giesser knives from Germany. One of the lines in the Giesser offering is the Prime-Line style knife. The main feature of the Prime-Line knife is the very comfortable handle.  In addition to the comfort, the material used in this handle features a process called “Sanitized“. Sanatized actually has micro silver particles cast into the handle material.  What does that silver do? Silver is an antimicrobial agent.  In other words, bacteria left on the handle, when in contact with the silver particles will not sustain life. Sanitized is approved by the U.S. EPA under regulation No. 73148-3-3090.  This sounds like a small feature, but in the home or butcher shop the only good bacteria is a dead bacteria