By harnessing the latest meat cutting knives, you can ensure cooking efficiency and minimize the number of challenges you face when preparing your favorite meals. To find the best quality knives within the marketplace, it’s important to work directly with one of the industry’s leading suppliers. In this latest post, the team here at Saw Blade Express highlights four meat cutting knives for your home kitchen.

Giesser Primeline Stiff Blade Boning Knife

The Giesser Primeline Stiff Blade Boning Knife is considered the market’s leading kitchen tool for removing bone from meat and slicing pieces of meat with precision. The product features a high quality, stiff blade and a black Primeline comfort handle for the ultimate in safe, effective cutting performance.  The knife is also suitable for butchers and will allow them to complete their boning work quickly and effectively.

Giesser Cutlery Paring Knife

The Giesser Cutlery Paring Knife features high quality German craftsmanship for high level durable performance over many years. The product’s vacuum-treated stainless steel blades help to improve the user’s cutting performance, allowing for seamless cutting of vegetables and meat during meal preparation.

Giesser Cutlery 9″ Broad Chef’s Knife

The Giesser Cutlery 9″ Broad Chef’s Knife has been uniquely engineered with a cushion grip handle, to allow for smooth cutting performance with each application. The product also features a vacuum hardened steel blade that offers 3-times the sharpened and polished cutting edge of similar market products.

Giesser Primeline 7″ Santoku Granton Knife

Built based on a famous Japanese design, the Giesser Primeline 7″ Santoku Granton Knife features the Granton blade edge and a cushion grip handle for ease-of-use. The Santoku has a flatter edge than a chef’s knife and is suited to slicing rather than chopping work.

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