Whether it’s within a butcher’s shop environment or at home, the quality of meat slicing work depends largely upon the quality of the blades. Meat slicer blades must be of the optimal quality and in the ideal condition to achieve that precise, thin, and repeatable cut. Both home users and butcher shop teams must have a comprehensive understanding on blade maintenance to ensure they work efficiently and effectively. Within this post, our team offers their expertise on meat slicer blade maintenance.

Maintain a Strict Blade Inspection Routine

When operating a butcher’s shop or any other operation in which meat slicing takes place on a daily basis, it’s imperative to maintain a strict blade inspection routine. Blades should be reviewed for performance issues every month to determine the level of cutting efficiency they offer. Teams should also be tasked with noting any change in performance when using meat slicer blades. This will help determine when further blade sharpening is required to keep operations running efficiently over the long-term.

Speak with Experts on the Latest Sharpening Tools

Sharpening tools can now be used to ensure meat slicer blades retain their peak sharpness levels over time. But most users have a limited understanding of the various sharpening products on the market today. This means it’s important for users to work with trusted experts to select the optimal sharpening products for their blades. An example of the leading product available are the various brands of meat slicer blade sharpening stones, which offer high-level performance for a broad range of challenging sharpening applications. The team at Saw Blade Express can help outline the ideal market product for all sharpening requirements.

Clean the Blade before Sharpening

The benefits of cleaning meat slicer blades before the sharpening process cannot be understated. The cleaning process will help make the blade easier to sharpen and to ensure that the ideal level of sharpness is achieved in a consolidated timeframe.

By working with trusted meat slicer experts and reviewing the latest industry guidance, slicer users can maintain high-level systems performance for many years to come. To learn more, please contact the team at Saw Blade Express directly via email at sales@sawbladeexpress.com