A leading reason so many people are using pork loins in their home meals is that the cut is versatile and tender. It’s the ideal option for a range of menu choices and occasions. But many struggle with deboning their pork loin using a boning knife. To help guide you through this challenging process, we’re offering our quick guide to deboning a pork loin in this latest post.

First Place the Cut on Your Cutting Board

Before beginning the deboning process, place the pork loin on the cutting board with the bony side facing up and your boning knife in hand. Then look for the tenderloin, which is a small strip of muscle on the inside of the rib area.

Begin Cutting

Once you have located the tenderloin, turn the cut so that the end of the tenderloin is closest to you. Then loosen the end with your boning knife tip. Once the end is loosened, grip the end and lift it gently. You can then cut away the rest of the tenderloin with smoother strokes of the boning knife. Now you can set aside the tenderloin for use later in the meal prep.

Cut the Ribs

Now you can move onto the ribs by gripping the rib bones with your non-cutting hand and carefully cutting the meat away from the rib bones, starting at the end without the shoulder blade. To minimize loss of meat, keep your knife angled towards the bone at all times in the cutting process. Once you reach the final portion of the ribs, you’ll likely only require a few short, sharp cuts to separate the ribs from the loin.

Remove the Blade Bone

To remove the blade bone and finish the deboning process, first cut around the visible portion of the shoulder blade with the very edge of your knife. Then you can carefully grip the loin with your fingers and pull it away from the bone. Next, simply grip the bone and raise it so you can cut away from the rest of the piece underneath. Then remove the blade bone completely.

You’re now ready to portion the pork loin meat for cooking or freezing! To discover more great tips on deboning meat using the latest boning knife products, contact our team today at sales@sawbladeexpress.com.