A tactical blade is a critical accessory for hunters as well as those who require a tool for self defense in and around their home. Selecting the required knife for these types of applications can take time. And the team here at Saw Blade Express is now inviting clients to review the advantages of the AEGIS Camo Folding Knife. Our company offers a range of tactical knives as well as hunting knives; and the AEGIS Camo Folding Knife continues to be one of our most popular products.

Fast-Action for Quick Responses

One of the leading advantages of the versatile AEGIS Camo Folding Knife is that it utilizes SOG’s assisted opening technology, which can ensure that the knife is ready for use within just a few seconds. This speed of opening makes the product ideal for use within the home, where it can be kept securely out of reach of family members and yet can be used quickly and effectively when required.

Exceptional Comfort for Hunting Scenarios

For the avid hunter who requires a leading-class knife for their hunting trips, the AEGIS Camo Folding Knife from SOG is one of the leading solutions on the marketplace. That’s because the product has been designed to offer exceptional gripping comfort with its Digi-Grip handle. It’s a design feature that means the product can easily be used in one-handed hunting scenarios where hunters are using their other hand for holding flashlights, calls, or other hunting accessories.

Leading-Class Portability for Hunting Trips

The medium sized frame of the folded Aegis Camo Folding Knife means that the product is ideal for carrying within a hunting kit or placing in an enclosed space within the home. Because the product can be opened quickly and easily when required, users can rest assured that they can keep the product closed until the last moment. It’s the compact knife for the forward-thinking user.

Standout Security Features for the Ultimate in Protection

The team at SOG has considered all security needs when crafting the Aegis Camo Folding Knife. The product has been built utilizing a checkered anti-slip handle for the ultimate hold during use. In addition, the product’s Arc-Actuator provides the ultimate in user safety while the knife is in the open position. The blade can also be locked closed; so it does not open accidentally, in your pocket for example.

For trusted performance and the ultimate in modern knife-use security, the Aegis Camo Folding Knife is the ideal solution. This leading market product is now available within our comprehensive catalogue of folding knives. Contact our team today to learn more!