SOG has been one of the leading knife manufacturers within the marketplace for many years. Their products are renowned for their ergonomic design and standout performance. And that’s why so many people around the world are now selecting SOG knives for various applications. Our team at Saw Blade Express has tremendous experience selling SOG knives, and in this blog, we’ll present three of the leading SOG products in our comprehensive catalogue.

Trident Elite Folding Knife

At a weight of just 4.4oz the Trident Elite Folding Knife from SOG is considered the ideal choice for today’s avid hunter. The product features a slot cutter built into the handle, which can cut rope, belts or webbing without the need to open the blade. This products 3.7 inch blade is made from AUS-8 stainless steel, with a durable nylon rubber handle and textured rubber inserts to help the user retain their grip.

Huntspoint Boning Fixed Blade Knife

The Huntspoint Boning Fixed Blade Knife has been seamlessly engineered for optimal performance out in the wilderness. Featuring a US-made leather sheath and lanyard hold at the bottom of the handle for easy carrying, hunters can achieve exceptional comfort using this quality product. The Huntspoint Boning Fixed Blade Knife comprises a flat-ground shape to provide that precise cut.

Rotohook Fixed Blade Knife

Built for durability and flexibility, the Rotohook Fixed Blade Knife is one of the leading choices for big game hunters. The knife features a blade guard which doubles as a gut hook. The 4.5 inch stainless steel blade makes the product the ideal tool for preparing deer, elk and other larger animals.

An array of exceptional hunting knives is now available through our team here at Saw Blade Express. To learn more on the available options, contact our experts directly.