Crafting that delicious treat for family and friends can be an enjoyable experience for the home baker. But without the right tools at their disposal, the baking process can quickly become frustrating. Whether you’re a commercial baker at a leading local bakery or home baking enthusiast, it’s important to find the kitchen knives and expertly-designed blades to reduce your workload and ensure the optimal final result within your work. And so in this blog, we’ll highlight three bakery tools designed to assure working efficiency.

  1. 2 Scallop band saw blade

For those working with soft breads such as buns and white breads, the 2 Scallop blades offer exceptional accuracy during cutting. It’s a product that will help provide a uniform cut with each piece. Each scalloped edge of the blades will cut directly through soft bread and prevent the cutting difficulty that can occur with similar styles of bread.

  1. Giesser™ Primeline” Universal Knife

This exceptionally versatile knife features innovative German engineering and comes replete with a cushion grip handle for leading-class cutting dexterity. The cushion grip handle is made from slip-proof plastic and combines an ergonomic shape with a comfortable hold. Because of the hard core within the handle of this leading class kitchen knife, bakers will find they’re able to achieve high caliber cutting stability. The Giesser™ Primeline” Universal Knife’s cushion grip also features an anti-bacterial finish to help prevent the formation of bacteria and mold. It’s the ultimate kitchen accessory for the avid baker!

  1. Oliver™ Bread Slicer Blades

Built for the popular Oliver™ bread slicing machine, these sturdy blades are designed for the ultimate in cutting flexibility and will slice through any bread product with seamless efficiency. Manufactured in the United States utilizing 1075 Carbon steel with hardened steel scallops, each blade will help bakers achieve the ideal cut to reduce their workload. Saw Blade Express can now offer a complete range of Oiliver™ bread slicer blades for the seasoned baker.

By carefully reviewing your market options, you’ll find there’s a comprehensive array of baking accessories to help improve the results of your kitchen work. Effective product selection begins by working with proven market experts. Our qualified team of kitchen knife and saw blade specialists is available to answer any questions you might have regarding our full product line.