Within butchering facilities and other business areas in which meat cutting must be completed with efficiency and economy of time, meat slicer blades must be sharpened and ready to perform seamless cutting processes within a short space of time. The challenge for butchery facility owners is in finding quality sharpening equipment that can help them to streamline their business processes and provide their clientele with the finest cut of meat available within the local marketplaces. Within this post, our expert team at Saw Blade Express will highlight several of the leading sharpening products on the market, to keep meat slicer blades in peak condition for the long-term.

Fischer Butcher Steel Blue

Fischer is a company with an exceptional reputation within the meat-cutting marketplace. With a brand that extends back as far as the 19th century, Fischer specializes in building sharpening products for butchers, and their latest products are indicative of their commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our team at Saw Blade Express offers the 14″ Butcher Steel Red product, for example, which features Fischer heat treatment, ensuring the product can sharpen all products on the marketplace. The 14″ Butcher Steel Blue product also features magnetization to retain minute particles of steel and protect food products during the cutting process.

Arkansas Novaculite

Found only in the Ouachita Mountains near Hot Springs in Arkansas, USA, Arkansas Novaculite is one of the market’s most popular sharpening stones for meat slicer blades. One of the foremost advantages of Arkansas Novaculite is that it works to remove less material from the blade than other abrasive sharpening products. This ensures that butchery and home meat slicing applications can be completed with seamless precision. The product also features a unique crypto crystalline structure, which assures optimal durability and means that the stone retains its effective abrasion quality and shape over many uses.

The entire team here at Saw Blade Express is committed to helping clients select the ideal meat slicer blade sharpening products for their requirements. The company offers a product selection that includes hundreds of sharpening options. To learn more, speak with the team here at Saw Blade Express directly via Facebook at www.facebook.com/sawbladeexpress or tweet us at www.twitter.com/sawbladeexpress.