Perhaps one of the most impressive facts about Giesser Cutlery is that it has been kept in the hands of the Giesser family since 1776. This alone makes for an impressive story, but there are more interesting factoids about one of Germany’s premier professional knife companies.


Johannes Giesser set this all in motion, November, 1776 with his application for admittance as a resident and a cutler in Winnenden, Germany and was granted permission on December 2, 1776, and thus laid the groundwork for what we know as Giesser Cutlery.

Unlike so many other knife manufacturers, Giesser has never strayed from the core work of forging exceptional professional cutlery. Since their humble beginnings, the family has remained loyal to the art of crafting only the finest of knives that Germany has to offer. While they have expanded into industrial blades, they have continued to hone the skill and craft of developing their knives into a line of products renowned for quality.

It was nearly 100 years, in 1865, before Gottlob Giesser’s cutler workshop was established, crafting kitchen, butcher, pocket knives and gardening knives. Although a small workshop, it was truly the catalyst that sparked Gottlob Giesser Cutlery’s growth. Within 15 years the workshop expanded with a retail shop.

By the turn of the century, the helm was headed by Adolf Giesser. Shortly after taking control, Adolf demolished the old head office and built a better, bigger and more improved facility. It was not until his death that his wife took the reins in 1934. She and her three sons ran the company together until 1949 at which time her son, Alfred took over. Industrial use for blades is beginning to grow at this point, and Alfred began pushing the company towards this cutting revolution. However, they have always maintained the core competency of kitchen blade manufacturing. It was under Alfred’s direction that the production was outsourced. With his inspection and Giesser engineering, the Giesser Cutlery continued to be crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail that had garnered them the reputation of being exceptionally crafted. It is this same high standard that has made Giesser product a leading company worldwide for industrial knives as well as kitchen cutlery. The company is still in the capable hands of the Giesser family, and continues to revolutionize professional kitchen cutlery. To view our complete collection of Giesser Cutlery and our other fine woodworking, bakery knives and meat cutting supplies, visit our website