Band saw blades are the most efficient meat cutting tools available on the marketplace. But in order to complete their work, users must be able to utilize band saw blades safely. These products can be highly dangerous if the proper safety rules are not followed. And so within our latest post, we’ll review 4 tips for using band saw blades to cut meat.

  1. Ensure the Band Saw Blade is Sharp

The sharpness of the blade has a significant impact on its safety. That’s because dull blades can force the user to apply more force during the cutting process. This could limit their cutting safety and potentially cause them to lose control of the product. And excessive pressure could cause the blade to not track true. If your blade is dull, the easiest solution is to buy a new blade. If you have them sharpened, it should be done by a professional.

  1. Keep the Floor around the Cutting Area Clean

One common safety risk when cutting meat is the potential for slips and falls during the cutting work. That’s why it is imperative users keep the cutting area clean and free of obstructions. Even the smallest spillage can lead to the user slipping and receiving an injury.

  1. Wear Safety Glasses

The eyes are at risk of being injured during all types of cutting work. Wearing safety goggles ensures that any debris released during cut doesn’t impact the eyes. In addition, it allows the user to clearly see their work and prevents them from making a mistake due to limited vision.

  1. Consider Blade Guard Height

The blade guard is required to help protect users from the potential of the blade being released and flying off causing an injury. The height of the blade guard is an all-important element to consider. The optimal placement is 3mm from the top of the product being cut. This type of placement will ensure the blade guard is secure and offers full protection.

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