When using a bread slicer in their business, bakery workers must have a comprehensive understanding on the systems and their performance. The latest bread slicer products from leading brands such as Oliver have extremely sharp blades, and understanding optimal replacement techniques can help ensure safety and effective product performance. In this latest article, the team here at Saw Blade Express will offer three tips for replacing Oliver bread slicer blades.

  1. Learn the Ideal Frequency for Blade Replacement

The frequency with which the blades are replaced within the bread slicer is a leading consideration. Over time, even the highest quality blades can become dulled through use. And so users must consider their replacement timetables carefully, particularly when the product is being used within a business such as a bakery. Currently, the industry experts state that blades should be replaced at least six times per year in environments where more than 500 loaves are sliced per year. Most busy bakeries will need to consider this replacement timetable to ensure optimal slicing efficiency.

  1. Remove and Replace Blades One at a Time

Users will find it difficult to remove and replace several blades at once. The removal and replacement process can be complex and so to reduce the amount of time spent slicing and to ensure high levels of productivity, bakery teams should try to only remove and replace one blade in the slicer each time. It’s also important to carefully read the manual of the bread slicer to determine whether blades have any specific installation requirements that must be met before they’re used.

  1. Speak with a Blade Specialist to Analyze Pricing Options

When buying new bread slicer blades for their systems, bakery owners must analyze the full spectrum of options on the marketplace. There are a multitude of companies offering slicer blade products and each company may have a different pricing level. Another reason it’s important to work with a specialist is that bakeries may require extra blades for their slicers on short notice. This means they have to work with the company to ensure on-time delivery of the ideal blade for their system.

Oliver bread slicers are designed for seamless slicing performance to meet challenging bakery demands. To learn more on effective replacement of bread slicer blades, visit our website www.SawBladeExpress.com, or email us at sales@SawBladeExpress.com