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Better Bi-Metal Hole saws Equals Better Cuts

Most individuals prefer a bi-metal hole saw because it is so compatible with so many different materials as well as the fact that the variable pitched teeth reduces the amount of vibration easing the control for the woodworker.

Woodworking experts will tell you that a better bi-metal hole saw is made by the type of high-speed steel used in the manufacturing; which has an affect on the performance of the hole saw. The HSS used in our bi-metal hole saw contains Cobalt to produce a fast, smooth cut, while maintaining the life of the saw’s teeth.

SawBladeExpress’ American made hole saws come in dimensions ranging from 9/16” to 6”, perform well on a multitude of surfaces from wood materials to soft metal.

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  • 7/16 Hex Assy (5/8-18)

    Item no: 404265

    Starting From: Price: $10.13

  • 7/16 Hex Quick Change Assy

    Item no: 404266

    Starting From: Price: $15.00

  • 5/8 Hex Quick Change Assy

    Item no: 404267

    Starting From: Price: $16.00

  • HSS Pilot Drill 4 x 1/4

    Item no: 404214

    Starting From: Price: $4.33

  • Arbor Adapter Nut

    Item no: 404208

    Starting From: Price: $2.13

  • Arbor Adapter Ring

    Item no: 404209

    Starting From: Price: $0.60

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