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Imperial Blade 3-1/8" 18T HSS Segment Saw

Item #: 404506

Price: $19.95


Imperial Oscillating Blade: 3-1/8" 18T Segment HSS Saw

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  • 3-1/8" Wide
  • 1-1/16" Plunge Depth
  • 18 tpi (teeth per inch)
  • Hardened High Speed Steel Teeth

Universal Design

Two years of research and development yielded Imperial Blades' Universal Arbor for this 3-1/8" 18T Segment HSS Imperial Oscillating Saw. This arbor gives users access to the majority of the popular tools on the market with just one blade.

The 3-1/8" 18T Segment HSS Imperial Oscillating Saw is compatible with these oscillating tool models:

  • Bosch® - Multi-X™, MX30EC, PS50
  • Craftsman® - Multi-Tool 2702
  • Dremel® - Multi-Max™ 6300, 8300, MM20, MM40
  • Fein® - MultiMaster FMM250, FMM250Q, MSXE 636
  • Makita® - Multi-Tool TM3000CX5
  • Milwaukee® - Multi-Tool 2426
  • Ridgid® - JobMax™ 12-Volt Multi-Tool R82236
  • Rockwell® - SoniCrafter® Hyperlock™ RK5140K, RK5149K

Also Fits:

Chicago Electric®, Genesis®:, Western Hawk®, Master Mechanic®, Tool Shop®, Performax®, MasterForce®, and many more.

Note: All brand names above are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Imperial Blades' versatile range of high-speed steel blades work well for many applications. The straight-set teeth help prevent materials from rattling, offering an even, smooth cut. Use the segmented HSS blade for corner applications, fiberglass, carbon fiber, 20-gauge sheet metal and harder woods.

Tips from Imperial:

  • When cutting drywall, use one of the HCS fast wood cutting blades to help prevent the blade teeth from clogging during the cut. These are Item numbers 404503 and 404504.
  • If you are using a variable speed multi-tool, set the speed to 3/4 to ensure proper control of your tool. Remember:The harder the material you are cutting, the lower the speed on your tool should be set.
  • While cutting any application, work your multi-tool back and forth in a cutting motion to keep the cut cooler and increase the life of your blade.


  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Fiber
  • 20-Gauge Sheet Metal
  • Harder Woods
  • Corner Applications

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