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SOG Knives

SOG Knives and tools

Despite the simple nature of blades, finding a quality one can be a tough process. With so many different uses in various business sectors, finding the right blade for your needs requires an understanding of not only knife and blade design, but also the various processes that they are used for.

Premium Blade Selection

At Saw Blade Express, our vast selection of quality blades and knives are crafted to offer something for those in all sectors of business including bakery, woodworking, forestry and meat cutting. Our experts have handpicked a premium selection of sog knives, band saw blades, meat slicers, bread slicers, meat cutting knives, meat grinder blades, butcher knives, kitchen knives and chefs knives to ensure that you can find something suited to your needs.

Quality Slicers

Band saws, meat slicers and bread slicers all require blades with high durability to endure their extended use. Cheap blades and slicers that can’t withstand heavy use are not worth the initial investment, which is why our products at Saw Blade Express are meticulously crafted to ensure that they stay sharp and effective for years to come. With many different unique designs and teeth profiles, our blade selection is vast enough to accommodate people from all lines of work including butchers, woodworkers and foresters.

Comfort and Reliability for Your kitchen

For those looking for a quality knife for their kitchen, comfort and durability are very important characteristics. At Saw Blade Express, our meat cutting knives, butcher knives, kitchen knives and chefs knives possess high levels of strength, durability and comfort to ensure that your blades can survive your daily routine in the kitchen. Although many of the cheaper knife sets sold at department stores provide a good deal of variety, they tend to skimp on quality and comfort, making our unique blades at Saw Blade Express worth the extra investment.

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